Retirement Planning

The retirement planning approach we take is about helping protect your money. You probably have a nest egg. Now, you may be looking to protect it. Preservation Financial Group can help guide you. For example, some insurance companies offer annuities which protect principal. This is, of course, dependent upon claims-paying ability of the insurance company. In addition, certain life insurance products may also be part of a retirement plan. Finally, we help you develop an income plan. If your spouse passes away, do you know if your income will remain stable? Knowing your potential challenges can help protect your long term plan.

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Income Planning

Of course, we provide ways for you to learn more. For example, we hold seminars and webinars regularly. At these events, we discuss retirement strategies with a focus on protecting wealth. However, each person’s situation is different. Therefore, we also offer income planning review sessions on an individual basis. We’ll gather up your financial information and talk with you. Once we learn about your goals, we’ll show you how your income looks now. In addition, we’ll discuss how income and circumstances may change during your retirement including:

  • How a “bias towards safety” changes your potential risk
  • Market challenges
  • If one spouse passes away, how might this impact your income?
  • Changes in healthcare costs
  • Potential tax impact
  • Probate for beneficiaries

How We Can Help

When you’re looking to have a comfortable retirement, guidance may help. Our company culture centers around our clients. In fact, we have a fiscal obligation to put your needs first. Indeed, we strive to help every client fully understand their situation. You should have access to information that helps you properly plan for your future. This may include your income, budget, taxes, legacy plans, and expenses. In addition, we may discuss possible losses of income or increases in risk. Also, taxes may affect your income, too. We seek to give you knowledge for a comfortable retirement.

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The Stages

Financial plans change as we go through different stages. If you are still working, you’re building your wealth. Sometimes, clients are willing to have more risk during this phase. For instance, a client who is 15 years before retirement may feel comfortable with some risk. Indeed, having more time is generally helpful to allow more savings to occur. However, once you are in retirement, there is a “draw down” effect that takes place. You no longer have lots of time to add to savings. Instead, your retirement funds are being used for income. Generally, clients are looking for less risk at this stage.

At Preservation Financial Group, our work with clients includes individualized planning. If you’re retired now, we will discuss ways to protect your wealth. Of course, this is just one area of retirement planning. Let’s work together to find which choices may be right for you.

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Learn More

Your finances matter, especially in retirement. Therefore, we have put together several seminar topics for you to learn more. At these events, we share insights about financial choices in retirement. In addition, we continue to connect our clients with valuable resources. If there are new retirement rules or regulations, we communicate with you. Come join us at one of our events to stay connected.

Dedication to Clients

For decades, we have worked with retirees. In addition, we have an income planning process that can help you understand your retirement better. Having a comfortable retirement takes focus, planning, and dedication. These are the skills we bring to our work with clients. Find out if our services are a good fit for you. Contact us today. Your long-term plan awaits.

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