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Retirement Strategies - Made Fun & Simple

Our founder, Pete Tychsen, has been helping retirees since 1986. In fact, in that time, we’ve come to learn some common themes. First, retirees are sometimes unsure about their assets. How much, exactly, do you have in which accounts? Second, some people are unclear about how these particular accounts or policies work. Indeed, if you don’t feel confident about your money, this may be unsettling. Finally, many people tell us that they feel overwhelmed about the choices in retirement. The bottom line: retirement may seem complicated.

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So, our team at Preservation Financial Group focuses on making retirement information fun.

We take something that seems complex and break it down so it is easy to understand. Our philosophy is that everyone should understand their options in retirement. In addition, you should have the opportunity to review strategies for a comfortable retirement, too. We take the time to explain things to our clients, step-by-step. Also, we are here to answer any questions you have about your retirement. Let us help you make retirement strategy a fun and simple process.

Bias Towards Safety

As a licensed financial advisor, Pete Tychsen has an obligation to put his clients needs first. Therefore, our strategies are personalized for each client. One guiding principal we have is a bias towards safety. In other words, we work to help you understand ways you can protect your principal in retirement. Of course, we believe in helping you understand your risks. In addition, we help you discover your personal risk tolerance. In fact, if we help you with an income plan, we lay out some of your potential risks. These may include circumstances that may reduce your income. There are several aspects to an individualized retirement income plan. However, looking for ways to keep your money safe is one area we focus on.

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Clients Come First

Sure, lots of people say this. We believe that the way for clients to experience it is through our actions. For example, when clients have questions, we answer them. We are reachable. When you call our office, you get a person. Or, if we can’t answer immediately, you get a call back. In fact, there are no 800 numbers to call. No “an agent will be right with you” messages. Instead, we are a boutique firm focused on serving our clients. Retirement is an important time in the lives of many people. Indeed, we know that your retirement strategies may affect your future. Our team keeps that in mind every day and we take this responsibility seriously.

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Come learn more about your retirement options and potential income strategies

Or, reach out if you’d like to attend one of our educational seminars. Our team is here to help guide you through retirement options. Our philosophy is focused on you.

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