It takes time, patience and trust. Pete is committed to helping you build your retirement every step of the way, providing you with personal and focused attention.


At Preservation Financial Group, we realize that there is more to life than money.

Our clients take pride in spending time with their families, helping out the community, and living each day to the fullest because life is about what we do, not what we make.

Preservation Financial Group is here to connect you with what you love in life.


We believe that clients and their advisors should get along and work as a team because good financial planning and investment management isn’t completed overnight.

Here’s how we work.

Each client goes through a thorough step-by-step process.

During this process I really get to know my clients. We help them identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities for pursuing their financial goals.

Clients will be able to use the latest technology.

Which allows 24/7 access to all of their accounts, summarized into one user friendly platform. No more logging into several different online accounts to see the balances of all your investments.

Our clients deserve the latest technologies, so we are constantly exploring and investing in new platforms.

Because of this, our planning approach tends to be more proactive than what most people are familiar with.

Upon completion of our process.

The client will receive a custom financial plan, as well as an investment strategy that is uniquely developed for them. These are primarily built around life events, typically retirement, but they might also include wealth transfer, risk management, and asset protection.

How we work together.

For those interested in working with us, we came up with a simple yet effective process. Here is a brief rundown of our step-by-step process.

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